Completed the eLearn Security eJPT Certification

It has been some months (OK 6 months… but who’s counting?) since I last made a post and 2020 has definitely shaped into a strange year. Amazingly I took the certification 2 months ago and I’m just getting around to writing about it now!

What is the eJPT anyway?

One of my general goals is to eventually climb myself to the OSCP, a very offensive security certification that requires 24 hours to pass the exam. The eJPT is a much easier version of that but in the same general vein. It focuses on the more offensive aspects of security and the final exam, instead of being a written one, requires you to enumerate through a network gathering information and exploiting weaknesses to answer questions. It can be an effective stepping stone to more difficult offensive security goals.

Instead of simply purchasing an exam voucher you get an accompanying course to follow that helps you build up the various skills that you’ll need, as well as the tools required, to get through the final exam. To help with your practice you can also purchase lab time as well that focuses on the objectives that you’ll be learning from the slides and PDF’s.

The Process

Because I’m currently in a post grad in information security many of the topics weren’t particularly new to me, nor were the tools being used. I didn’t really have a set schedule for how long I planned on working on the modules but I could do a couple sections per day pretty comfortably. This was the first certification I didn’t really grind and plan for, I simply worked on it whenever I had a little bit of free time. Because it was strictly for my own personal gain I didn’t feel any pressure for when I wanted to complete it.

The Exam

This was by far the most enjoyable certification exam I’ve taken so far. You are given 72 hours to complete all the objectives, though I was able to finish in under 5 hours. You are essentially dropped into an environment with little information and a series of questions you need to answer. I won’t go into too many details on what’s required however everything you need to complete relates back to the modules you should have read and the labs you should have practiced. Overall it felt like a very fair exam. Each step of the way through it didn’t just feel like answering another question… each was its own mini-achievement as I progressed through the environment.

What Next?

This is a tricky question, the pandemic has made things more complex and I didn’t plan on achieving as much as I did in this amount of time (humble brag here). My options include working towards the CompTIA CySA+, Pentest+, grind towards the OSCP, feel out some Microsoft certifications maybe? I think I will get a little bit more direction once the pandemic comes to an end and I get a better idea of where I want to focus my hobbies and career.

Thanks for reading!

Ian Dublack

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