Comptia Network+ and Security+ Complete

It has been some time since I last posted but that doesn’t mean that the progress has slowed down at all! I now have the sought after ‘trifecta’ of Comptia having achieved the A+/Net+/Sec+ combination. It has been a bit of time since passing them but I’m going to give my thoughts on the Net+ and Sec+ as I remember them. I passed them both with some room to spare but as is usual it always feels like i’m failing as i’m writing these exams for some reason. My scores were Network+ 819 where a passing score is 720 and Security+ 835 where a passing score is 750.

Network+ Completed May 23rd, 2019

So given that I have already completed the CCENT I figured this would be an interesting topic as they are often compared to one another. Going into this I felt I already had a fairly solid foundation of knowledge in networking so my study resources were less than what I had previously used. My primary study strategy was focused around Jason Dion’s Network+ Udemy course with the addition of his practice exams. Having the A+ previously completed as well definitely assisted as the course expanded on some areas of information that were carried over while introducing a much more network focused direction.

I’m a strong believer in consistent learning above cramming and tried to commit approximately 1-2 hours per day for about a month and a half. There is definitely a significantly different focus than compared to the CCENT, which realistically is a certification to get you integrated into a Cisco environment, the Net+ was much more broad in the information required. Some question if it’s worth having both but I’d say purely from a knowledge standpoint that it was a fulfilling experience to get both.

Security+ Completed July 4th, 2019

This certification I particularly enjoyed! It might be because I’m finally starting to get into the juicier stuff and get more of the fundamentals out of the way (yes, I know that Sec+ is still an entry level cert but let me have the win!). I primarily worked with 2 sources to pass, Darril Gibson’s Get Certified Get Ahead Security+ book and Jason Dion’s Security+ Udemy course. As you can see I’ve started to make Jason Dion a habit, I’ve just been enjoying his teaching style.

Just like with the Network+ I maintained a steady 1-2 hour per day study strategy alternating between reading a chapter from the book to watching a few of the videos on Udemy. Leading into the week before the exam I used Jason Dion’s practice tests to fill any knowledge gaps.

For the sake of transparency as well, now that i’m back in college I’ve also been gaining a lot of knowledge and experience in security and networking that is definitely supplementing my ability to pass these certifications. Even if sometimes schoolwork feels like it’s getting in the way it’s still making me into a better, more rounded tech.

Next Steps

It is finally time for me to tackle the ICND2. Truth be told I started to study for it a month ago and I think i’m only about half way through the content I wanted to cover. I’ll have more time as exams come to an end to focus as I really want to complete my full CCNA. Normally I would just have 1 placement to complete in the fall and be done with school however I’ve decided to suffer through 1 more year and take a security focused program. But that’s a post for another day!

Thanks for reading!

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