The Google T4 has Arrived Pt. 2

In the last post I left off with what was essentially a working Dell R720XD however there was still a few fit and finish tasks that had to be completed in order to finish the job. The Dell boot logo would not yet be restored (still boots with the google image) and iDRAC still needs to have the google branding removed as well. I apologize in advance for the lack of images in this post as I’m writing this as an after the fact type situation.

Setting up iDRAC

To get things started I had to go into the setup menu (hitting F2 as the machine is booting) and setting up the iDRAC network settings with an appropriate network address to allow you to connect. You will also need to configure a username now otherwise you’ll be stuck at the login menu when you connect to the iDRAC web based portal. Now you can reboot the server and assuming the network information is correct you’ll be able to connect to iDRAC using http://whateveripaddressyougaveit.

Your next task is downloading the Identity module that you’ll need to upload to iDRAC. You can find that on dells website right here:

You need to expand the iDRAC Settings menu and choose ‘Update and Rollback’. Simply select to upload the freshly downloaded Identity module. Note that if you get a licensing error when you try to upload the file that you will have to go back to the first post because something has gone wrong with the previous update process. If you didn’t have any issues uploading however you get to select the .pm file and select install which will move the task into a Job Queue.

Once the job has completed you will need to reboot the server. You’ll get an error message that will state that the branding is being modified and your server will reboot again to complete the process. In my case in order for all the changes to take effect I had to shut everything down completely and disconnect the power for a few seconds. You now essentially have a proper Dell R720XD in Google clothing!

Thanks for reading.

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